Seattle and King County post lowest COVID-19 case and death counts in two months – GeekWire

Seattle and King County reported 420 new COVID-19 cases and 30 deaths during the past week, the lowest weekly totals in two months, according to GeekWire’s calculations from Public Health — Seattle & King County data.

The week was also notable for bringing one day in which there were no reported deaths from COVID-19. The streak didn’t last long, as two deaths were reported in Seattle and King County in the latest daily numbers, released Friday afternoon. But the weekly numbers have been declining steadily for the past three weeks in the Seattle region.

With a total of 7,360 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 516 deaths, Seattle and King County are responsible for 41% of Washington state’s 17,951 cumulative COVID-19 cases, and 52% of the state’s 992 deaths.

Washington state, the original epicenter of COVID-19 in the United States, is now 18th among US states in total number of COVID-19 cases, responsible for 1.24% of the country’s 1.45 million confirmed cases.

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