Colorado’s state health department clarifies COVID-19 death data, 878 COVID-19 deaths as of Friday – KKTV 11 News

DENVER (KKTV) – The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) announced a clarification and new categories for how COVID-19 deaths are being reported in our state.

Originally, CDPHE was keeping a tally of COVID-19 deaths, a number that exceeded 1,000 recently. However, in some of those cases, COVID-19 was not the main cause of the patient’s passing. CDPHE created two categories in their data table to report deaths, “Deaths Among Cases” and “Deaths Due to COVID-19.”

As of Friday, deaths due to COVID-19 according to the state stood at 878. Deaths Among Cases was 1,150, which represents total deaths of people who had COVID-19, but COVID-19 may not have been the cause of death listed on the death certificate.

“Every single death is tragic, regardless of the circumstances,” said Dr. Eric France, chief medical officer at CDPHE. “We know this virus can be deadly and can complicate other serious medical conditions and hasten death. As public health practitioners, we need to look at data that helps us understand disease transmission and protect people.”

A breakdown of each category as posted to the CDPHE website on Friday:

DEATHS AMONG CASES: he number of deaths among people with COVID-19. This represents the total number of deaths reported among people who have COVID-19, but COVID-19 may not have been the cause of death listed on the death certificate. This information is required by the CDC and is crucial for public health surveillance, as it provides more information about disease transmission and can help identify risk factors among all deaths across populations.

DEATHS DUE TO COVID-19: The number of deaths among people who died from COVID-19: This represents the total number of people whose death was attributed to COVID-19 as indicated on a death certificate. This number is determined by the CDC and is updated daily for dates through the previous Saturday.

Click here for more data from CDPHE.


– For information and resources on COVID-19, El Paso and Teller County residents can call 719-575-8888 seven days a week. Monday through Friday, the line is available from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Weekends, calls will be taken between 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

– The state has a toll-free hotline CO HELP for general questions about COVID-19. That hotline can be reached at both 303-389-1687 and 877-462-2911.

– Those needing assistance with financial services, food, clothing and household needs, mental health, and more can call 211.


Call 211 for support.

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Click here for the CDPHE COVID-19 website. The website includes a lot of answers to frequently asked questions from across the state.

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