These Austin industries have the most COVID-19 clusters –

The construction industry has 19 confirmed clusters of COVID-19, which is more than any other local industry, according to data released by Austin Public Health.

AUSTIN, Texas — COVID-19 is tearing through the construction industry in Austin, with 19 confirmed clusters of the virus reported by Austin Public Health.

Austin Public Health officials provided a detailed list of the local industries with confirmed coronavirus clusters during the city council work session on Tuesday, May 19.

COVID-19 has overwhelmingly impacted the construction industry, according to the data

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Austin’s Interim Health Authority Dr. Mark Escott said Tuesday that 127 construction workers were tested for coronavirus last week. On May 7 and May 8, about 8% of workers at two different construction sites tested positive for the virus, according to data about targeted testing from Austin Public Health.

 Dr. Escott also said we need more testing at construction sites in the city.  


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The new numbers from Dr. Escott identify 36 non-institutional clusters total. Clusters have been identified in construction, manufacturing, retail trade, services and financial, insurance and real estate industries. 

One COVID-19 cluster has been identified in the dental industry, three clusters in medical labs and one in specialty outpatient services, according to the data. 

Austin Public Health also notes six clusters in retail trade, which include food service, general merchandising and grocery. 

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