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The San Francisco Department of Public Health provides daily updates each morning. We will do the same.

The most recent numbers from the Health Department show only 13 new confirmed cases, and no new deaths as of yesterday.

The hospitalization numbers have been particularly good – and state and city officials are looking at these closely in terms of further re-openings. The state wants to see a 7-day average percent change of no more than 5 percent and San Francisco is well below that with a drop of some 1 percent over seven days.

The other metric on hospitalizations is no more than 20 newly hospitalized patients on any single day over the past 14 and again, San Francisco meets that standard easily. There actually hasn’t been a day when hospitals here saw a 20 patient increase. Although they inched up to a high of 93 on April 11, the increases have been no more than nine at a time.

Testing continues to be an issue. Capacity abounds at 5,800, but too few residents are showing up to be tested. We’re looking into the ins and outs of this. At first the city was only testing those with symptoms, but the number of symptoms of been expanded to include a headache and fatigue. “I don’t know any of us that are not experiencing some level of fatigue at this moment,” Dr. Susan Philip, deputy health officer, told the Board of Supervisors at the end of April. “So people would be able to get a test if they if they really wanted one.”

So if you want to get tested, go to this site and schedule an appointment.  Tests are open to any essential worker – from grocery store clerk to virtually anyone working with the public – at any time – no symptoms required. That is also true of anyone who lives in Bayview and the Tenderloin, which have been hit particularly hard with COVID cases.

For everyone else, all you need is just one symptom and the list is so broad, as Philip noted, anyone can really find a symptom. If the site confuses you – as some of the information seems old and has yet to reflect all of the new openings – call 311 and they will sign you up.

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Our data tracker is embedded below, or click here for a full screen version.

Please note:

The embedded data tracker below will continue to be updated daily after this post is published.

There is a discrepancy between the total number of positive test results reported by the city and the total daily number of confirmed cases. The discrepancy comes from a delay in fully investigating positive test results. In doing so, health investigators find some duplicates and some are for people who live outside of the city, according to epidemiologists at the Department of Public Health. New cases are only added to the daily confirmed cases after an investigation is completed.

Also, there is also a discrepancy between the hospitalization data reported by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) and the county hospital data reported by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). This is because SFDPH receives data from one additional hospital, San Francisco VA Health Care System, that is not required to report to CDPH. “SFDPH statistics will trend higher as long as this hospital has patients admitted as either COVID-19 positive or suspected COVID-19 positive.”

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