Texas A&M scientist discovers first COVID-19 treatment drug – KBTX

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- Wenshe Ray Liu discovered Remdisivir back in January before cases of COVID-19 began popping up across America.

“Only like two weeks later from after we published the paper a clinical test was set up in China,” explained Liu.

Liu says although the drug is FDA approved now, his research isn’t done.

“Remdesivir is approved right now but I kind of worry that it will lose its effectiveness pretty soon because we are dealing with a virus that mutates very quickly,” said Liu.

Liu and his team of researchers at Texas A&M have been working non-stop to find alternatives and have made strides since his first findings.

“Now I’m more confident that we have some really good, really, highly potent small-market drugs that could be used in clinical tests pretty soon,” said Liu.

Lie says he knows people want answers and scientists across the world are working to get them.

“Every day we have some brand new discovery and every day we’re closer to kick out some really useful medicines,” said Liu.

Liu says he believes there will be multiple small market medicines for clinical testing by September.

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