Virginia COVID-19 cases increase by 1,615 | Local News – Roanoke Times

The Virginia Department of Health reported Tuesday that the state has 39,342 COVID-19 cases, an increase of 1,615 from the 37,727 reported Monday.

The jump in cases comes a day after an increase of 1,483 cases. A note on the VDH website on Monday said its disease reporting system was down for maintenance Sunday and data reported during that time were added to Monday’s numbers.

The 39,342 cases reported Tuesday include 37,440 confirmed cases and 1,902 probable cases. Also, there are 1,236 COVID-19 deaths in Virginia — 1,175 confirmed and 61 probable. That’s an increase of 28 from the 1,208 reported Monday.

The VDH defines probable COVID-19 cases as people who are symptomatic with a known exposure to COVID-19, but have not been confirmed with a positive test.

VDH data shows most cases (80.1%) are occurring in working age adults between the ages of 20 and 69, with people in their 40s accounting for the largest percentage of cases (18.6%). The majority of deaths (77.4%) are among Virginians over the age of 70.

Fairfax County, the state’s most populous locality with more than 1.1 million people, has the most cases with 9,839 and 340 deaths.

VDH said there are 325 outbreaks in the state, 190 in long-term care facilities. These facilities also account for 708 of the state’s 1,236 deaths attributed to the virus.

State health officials have said there’s a lag in the reporting of statewide numbers on the VDH website. Figures on the website might not include cases or deaths reported by localities or local health districts.

Read more COVID-19 data on the VDH website.

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